Sunday, December 24, 2006

Silly season

Its upon us. The silly season. And I've been managing to feel morose. Daz proved himself the best hubby in the world yesterday buying me -two- bottles of VB which I very restrain-edly only had one glass of. Just enough to relax and stop shouting at everyone. Grumpiness has set in like a bad smell at the moment and I'm really hoping it disappears soon!

Lots of scrapping taking place - lots of avoiding the kids by burying my nose in a project or three. So, feeling ambivalent about Christmas and spent some of yesterday weeping and wishing we were going to my Mum's. Trifle and her Christmas cake and mince pies and ... well, you get the idea. Oh, and extra people to share the excitement of the kids opening their gifts. Mum's like a little kid at Christmas.

Can't think of anything else. Trying really hard to not fall into a cycle of sadness about Dad's passing on 4 Jan. Just makes this time of the year that much more challenging. He's missing out on his grandkids which is the sadest thing of all.