Sunday, March 11, 2012

My birthday celebration

This morning I arose far too early and went to muster with many other bleary eyed bodies in the Foyer of Questacon. Dawn Drifters and Balloons Aloft set out from the building at about 6.15 to find a field large enough to blow up hot air balloons. My 40th birthday present.

Picture from inside the basket looking up inside the balloon.

One of the many balloons flying for the Canberra Festival celebrating Canberra's 99th birthday.

Side of the balloon basket with another balloon below me, and homes around Yarralumla below that.

It was the most awesome experience and I am so glad I chose this as my present.

While I was up there, I was taken back to when we lived in Miller Street, O'Connor and I'd wake early on Sunday mornings to the sound of conversations right above my bedroom. It took me far too long to work out it was balloonists above our house. I also remembered the week Ryan was born. I was in Calvary Hospital with ruptured membranes waiting for his arrival. I woke very early, around 6am, and opened my curtains wide. Each morning, balloons would rise behind Black Mountain and I wondered what it would be like to be one of the passengers.

Many photos which may actually result in some scrapbooking, especially as Stampin' Up! has a stamp set called Up, Up and Away I the current catalogue.

It was a fun birthday experience and my wonderful husband also allowed my a nap between ballooning and my birthday brunch at Pork Barrel Cafe. Lovely day spent with family. Not sure when or if a birthday party will eventuate... Time is becoming slightly precious at the moment. Long personal post finished! Enjoy the photos!

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Only fifteen weeks to go

Before I headed to Canberra to take up my role in the ACT public service advising on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we took a trip out to see the Picasso Exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. This was a photo from my phone taken eating our packed food on the gallery steps. Exhibition was pretty good too!

Made it through my first week at full time work. 3.30-itis has happened each day and has exacerbated my tinnitus to an amazing degree. Meetings have highlighted issues hearing but I found an app for my iPad which will help... I'm delighted that the image depicting the app is an ear trumpet. And it works in the background so I can also take notes. Brilliant!

Miss the kids, miss Darren... Kinda love to be working in a field where the abundance in my very full brain can spill appropriately. I am a Web Accessibility and Usability Officer. 'Expert' and adviser on WCAG 2.0. Trying to think of a W word to go in front of my initials to replace the acronym... Suggestions?

15 weeks to go...

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