Monday, September 26, 2011

Not at all idle...

Apologies once again for the long gap between posts, but I have been busy! Firstly there's the advent tree - which I've had to wash and haven't yet sent to the winner of the bloghop because it was very sticky/tacky on the front.  I used always artichoke to make the background cloth.  I'm not sure what more I can do except iron the whole thing once again and cross fingers.
The next thing is a little bag I've been meaning to make for my nephew Terrence since Easter.  I made my kids and the Gibbs' cousins little bags for collecting their Easter eggs at an Easter hunt at our place.  I had promised to make a little bag for my brother's kids as well.  Terrence loves biplanes and I found a cartoon biplane online which I printed out and translated to fabric.

Lastly a bit of recycling (upcycling?)...  Many towels in my linen cupboard are developing holes for various reasons.  It seems a pity to just ditch them, especially as I do need bathmats.  It occurred to me today that there's no reason I can't chop them up with my lovely bigshot and make new from old.  This one is an old towel that has a velvety side and a loop side, so I've chopped it up into lots of squares with my scallop square and made a new mat.  If it frays I'm not too concerned as it will add character.  I'll do the same with other old bath-mats and make something slightly more colourful next time.  Considering I whipped this up in just under an hour, I'm slightly pleased with myself.  And now I know my bigshot dies will cut TOWELS!!!