Friday, January 21, 2011

We went to the Zoo!

We went to Taronga Zoo today and collected our Zoo Passes. For a family of five, we only have to use the passes twice in the next year to cover the cost of the passes. We visited Tukta, Pathi Harn and Luk Chai: the baby elephants, saw the seal show and lost Toby necessitating an announcement throughout the zoo. He turned up in the central giftshop (near the elephants) helping put giraffe toys in order and telling the shop manager all about his birthday in February. Future visits will require better planning. Below is a picture of Tukta, the newest baby girl, and her mother Pak Boon. It was so much fun to see the youngsters playing! Next time, though, I think I'd like to go when its either raining or a bit cooler!