Sunday, October 31, 2004

Turmoil, trouble and realisation

Well, what a week! I was really resenting the baby, but on Wednesday morning, I thought my waters had broken. After delivering the kids to their respective child-care places for the day, I finally contacted the hospital. In I went. They checked me over and I felt like a silly chicken. But the upshot was I got to speak to the psychiatric registrar for the hospital and the social worker. We talked about my anxiety for this pregnancy, which has been extremely high. Mainly its centred around having another boy and him being similar in temperament to Ryan. I'm terrified of how I'll deal with him if he's so busy and demanding.

The other upshot was that the prospect of losing my little boy scared me to death. I promised him I would stop resenting him and that I do love him and want him. So I've decided on his name. It just feels right and I'm already calling him by it. I feel a little silly about it, but it helps me attach better and feel something for him -- he's a little person now. I'm trying to daydream what it will be like to hold him in my arms and whether I'll fall in love, like I did with Caitlyn (poor Ryan was whisked away so quickly after he was born, I barely had time to look at him, and when I did finally see him, he was a stranger). I also feel lots of movements when I've been quiet for more than a few minutes.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Week ending Oct 24

Difficult emotions this week. First the elation of going for the ultrasound, the anticipation and trepidation of finding out what gender the baby is, and the excitement of seeing the little one wiggling on the screen. We went for one of those fancy 3D ultrasounds, but couldn't really see his face as he was snuggled up against the placenta.

Gibbs baby 3, 19 weeks

Since the ultrasound, I've had mostly rough days: exploding at everyone, feeling helpless, feeling unmotivated to clean my house, feeling generally out of sorts. I think there's a good dose of resentment too. I've been feeling baby kick quite a bit more and the reality is sinking in. There's still a rather large chunk of hope that this won't happen. Some disbelief and thinking it just can't happen. Sometimes its surreal. Anyway, I hope this sorts itself out. I'm working hard on pulling myself up short and saying "get a grip; this is real". Its bloody hard though.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Its another boy!

Was so excited about today that I didn't think I'd go back to sleep after 5:15 when I woke this morning. So got up and made a new maternity shirt from fabric I bought in Canberra. Ultrasound went well with no abnormalities that the operator could tell us about. He is a healthy little boy!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Week ending Oct 17

Visited my Mum from Thursday afternoon. Didn't get everything done that we'd had planned, and just being in Canberra put me in a maudlin mood. Kept crying thinking of how much I'll need her (Mum's) direct support when this little one is born. Also watched how much the kids loved Grandma and Grumpy and Duffy-dog, and how little time Mum gets with them. I was also pretty overtired because the kids kept waking up really early in the morning. Despite this, it was a wonderful visit, though I was too tired to drive back on Sunday, so waited til early Monday morning. Worked better for me, though disrupted Ryan's pre-school day a bit.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Week ending Oct 10

Well, the bottom came today. Probably my own fault for not having a nap and generally overdoing it today. Went to visit Nanna and Pappa and kids didn't have a nap, and I didn't have a nap and Ryan got gradually more and more hyper until we started home when he dropped like a lead balloon. At home, I just wanted to get the kids off to bed, no proper dinner, no proper anything. Finally I just started to cry. Ryan and Caitlyn both gave me kisses and cuddles and made me feel like a right a----hole for yelling at them and getting angry and short tempered. I ended up telling Ryan that Mummys get tired too and I was just angry and upset and I needed time alone. I gave them fifteen minutes til bedtime and couldn't find bedtime dummies, so I told Ryan he would be in bed without it if he didn't find his. He was in tears. But it worked. He came back into the room a couple of minutes later with not only his dummy, but Caitlyn's too! Bless him! I kissed him and cuddled him and told him he was such a clever boy!! And, oh, God, how much less stressed did I feel not having to face huge tears at bedtime from two overtired children!

Being an overtired Mummy is worse, I think, than being an overtired child. At least when you're a kid, someone takes care of you. This week has been difficult because Darren's been on late shifts -- 12:30-9 pm. It wears me down having to do all of the care for the kids in the evenings. By the end of the week if I haven't had a meltdown, I'm wondering what happened. I could never cope as a single parent. God knows what I'll do next year when I have to do this with three kids by myself. I keep praying something will change, that Darren will find a magical job in Canberra and I'll at least have that extra support on hand when I need it most...

I'm sure I'll feel better after a good sleep. I might see if there's something I can do tomorrow just for me -- a haircut maybe.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Week ending Oct 3

This week has been pretty good, but then I think the happy-hormones of pregnancy are kicking in. Took the kids to the zoo today, which was an expedition and a half. It rained most of the rest of the week -- got videos to keep the kids occupied for some of it. Most of the rest of the week was just busy, but busy in a good way. Kids still got their sleeps, as did I. Been sleeping when they do, but waking up after about an hour or an hour and a half and feeling MUCH more refreshed than if I just sleep as long as they do. Arranging a trip to see Mum for the weekend after next which should be good. Going to cut out some more maternity clothes and hopefully get some things sewn up as I've nothing to wear and won't spend hideous amounts of money on maternity clothes.