Thursday, July 08, 2010

Quick post

I've had to head down to Canberra a bit earlier than expected as my step-dad had a mild heart-attack on Monday. He's fine and was delighting in pulling the oxygen saturation monitor off his finger to make the wiggly lines on his monitor go berserk for the kids. Far too big a grin considering he's in hospital hooked up to machines and oxygen and how much of a scare he gave my Mum!

Plans for updating my blog and card-making are on hold while we are visiting. It was also my niece's first birthday yesterday and the tribe and I went over for a quick visit yesterday evening. Claire is walking, a chatty sociable little person who warmed to me rather quicker than I expected and I was BESOTTED! I fell in baby-love again. She reached up and gave me cuddles and sat on my lap quite content for a nice while. So miss seeing both Claire and her big brother day-to-day as they grow.

Just in case the Inklings Christmas in July blog-hop lands here, I'm popping the list in here... Apologies for not being more organised!
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