Friday, July 13, 2012

Plus 2 weeks

So I'm now two weeks over my contract end date.  I've managed to do something, consciously or unconsciously, which will very likely result in my not being invited back again.  Makes decisions easy, I suppose.  Made my bed and now I must lie in it.

Returning to Sydney very soon now, so will be available once again for P&C-ing, general mothering duties, stamping and crafting.  If nothing else, there is an enormous backlog of scrapbooking which needs doing.  Might dust off the photo printer and see if I can get it working properly again, go through my stash and look at culling, consolidating and responsibly repurposing.

Set some more goals, will attempt to obtain a tax return in order to do some further training or possibly a slightly longer course.  Would very much like to catch up with crafting buddies...  Will arrange a schedule, methinks.