Saturday, August 19, 2006

just a quick update

Not a lot to say at the moment - PND seems pretty under control. Which is saying a lot - I managed this week pretty well with Daz working his late shift 12-9pm each day and all weekend together with sick kids and sick me. Actually that's pretty bloody amazing. Last time we were all sick, I landed in hospital after completely flipping out! So I guess the hobby-therapy is helping.

Actually considering going back to work - found a part-time government job I can do from home - so I'm going to apply. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Means I'll probably have to put POSIE even further down the priority list, but it will mean a bit of extra cash in our pockets which can't hurt. And if I don't succeed, well, my back-up plan is to do some more arty type things and try selling them. Canvasses are what I'm aiming at, but also scrapbook, card, and altered-book type things.

Only other thing to add, have had lots of phone calls from students about POSIE over the last two-three weeks - assignment time and they all chose PND as an "easy" one to find services in NSW. I've enlightened most of them to the reality of the situation.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

a new venture

A new venture - a handwriting font of my very own! Click on the image above to download the .ttf file.