Friday, March 09, 2012

Only fifteen weeks to go

Before I headed to Canberra to take up my role in the ACT public service advising on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we took a trip out to see the Picasso Exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. This was a photo from my phone taken eating our packed food on the gallery steps. Exhibition was pretty good too!

Made it through my first week at full time work. 3.30-itis has happened each day and has exacerbated my tinnitus to an amazing degree. Meetings have highlighted issues hearing but I found an app for my iPad which will help... I'm delighted that the image depicting the app is an ear trumpet. And it works in the background so I can also take notes. Brilliant!

Miss the kids, miss Darren... Kinda love to be working in a field where the abundance in my very full brain can spill appropriately. I am a Web Accessibility and Usability Officer. 'Expert' and adviser on WCAG 2.0. Trying to think of a W word to go in front of my initials to replace the acronym... Suggestions?

15 weeks to go...

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