Sunday, March 13, 2005

Toby Alexander Gibbs: 21 February

Well, Toby Alexander Gibbs arrived just over three weeks early. He weighed 2980g and was 49.5cm long. And it occurred to me a couple of days ago that I should (again) be careful what I wish for. I wanted to have a short labour and easy delivery, I wanted Toby to have his very own birthday and not arrive on one of the many family birthdays through February and March, and I wanted a good hospital experience. Because my membranes ruptured and then labour didn't happen, I had all this -- I was admitted to hospital and got my own room because the baby was still inside. I was induced on a drip on Monday 21 February, had a labour lasting just 3h 45m, and my delivery was the easiest yet with only a tiny tear requiring just one stitch. Toby was literally shot out and they were surprised when he didn't land in the sink across the room. So everything I wanted happened which has given me the strength to manage some of the other crises that happened at the same time.

POSI had to be postponed and I've rescheduled a meeting for a couple of weeks from now. I hope everyone will be able to come!

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