Sunday, March 25, 2007

Toby's bump

Toby went bump yesterday - or rather Caitlyn bumped him with a stick she shouldn't have been playing with. Hysteria on her part as well as Toby's crying attracted our attention. This is the result 16 hours later:

I was ready to over-react yesterday, thinking that he might have a broken eye socket - but as you can see from the photo (and the others I took yesterday too) he's smiling! Gosh, I can't believe kids sometimes! He also spent some time rubbing his eyes at bedtime and Daz said he just wouldn't do that if he had a broken bone in there - he'd be screaming the place down. So I'm holding onto my impulse to rush to the hospital and watching and waiting. He was so good! Even held an icepack up to it intermittently - except when he said "Cold!" He's such a funny chap!

Oh, and I've scrapped - trying to scrap older photos, aim is to get through my box of "Gibbs" photos. This one goes in Toby's album.


silvercat said...

Wowwers........that's a black eye!!
I freak when I see kids playing with sticks! I know why!

Georgeous Lo!

Kelley said...

Wow what a shiner I know I would be feeling the same way as you wanting to take him to the hospital but Daz is probably right he would be screaming the place down if something were broken.
Hope he gets better soon.

Love the layout