Friday, March 05, 2010

A little bit of history

Ryan turned 9 today. In fact, just a few minutes ago he turned 9. Here is a picture of him just moments after he was born. I'd been having contractions for most of the day and was put on a drip to augment the labour. He was born at 36weeks and 6 days. I remember saying to my Mum that I hadn't got my step-dad, George, a birthday present. She said she didn't think he'd mind; Ryan was a pretty good present.
Here he is just a few minutes ago being a silly-billy.
And here he is blowing out his 3+6(=9) candles.
His birth started a long and winding road which included the inception of my blogging as an "Optimist with PND". Much work has been done to reach this point including large amounts of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), psychiatric help, DoCS early intervention, an invaluable family stay at Coral Tree Family Service, medication, creating a post-natal depression support group, a hospital admission for PND right through to beginning to wean myself off medication. Ryan, I'm so glad you are a part of my life. Its been a hard road for me to grow into motherhood and you have helped me learn patience, understanding, resilience and most of all the deep connection between a mother and son. I love you, darling boy!


Anita said...

Woah, how many smarties are on that cake!! I knew we shoulda stayed!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!
What a journey Ryn, you've come a long way!
xx m