Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Invitation out to the Gibbs' side of the family for an egg-hunt at ours on Sunday. Hunting eggs duly purchased and I searched for likely items for a basket for the kids. I couldn't find anything that appealed, so went to the fabric store and bought some calico. In the interests of environmental responsibility, I decided to make six little bags for the munchkins to use to collect eggs. Girls had flowers stitched on, Ryan and Toby had stars and elephants respectively. I took the photo seconds before the hunt happened and obviously didn't focus it at all. To one side you'll also see I finished my sudoku cushion - didn't come out quite as expected.
The Hunt is On! Here's the kids towards the end of the egg hunt. Kids loved their bags! And, of course, once Easter is over, they can be re-used!


Stephanie Morrison said...

Hey carolyn, love those easter egg bags you made, glad to see you've still got the fabric addiction. Love the Sudoku cushion too, was that a Moda bake shop pattern?? might just have to hunt that one done myself.

Fiona said...

Love the bags Ryn, you are very clever. Where did you get the pattern, very cute.

Michelle said...

You have the best yard for an egg hunt! Very cute bags too! ESP love the colours on on the sudoku!
Xx m