Sunday, July 11, 2004

Week ending July 11

Out of sorts today, probably cos I didn't get the job at the scrapbooking shop.

It rained this evening! We went and got Darren from work as something to do with the kids. Missed him which probably means I'm dreadfully pre-menstrual.
Day-rating: 2

Feeling a little low after not getting the teaching job at Penrith Scrapbook Superstore. Disappointed and keep going over how I could have done it better. I should have stuck to something more simple.

Also worried about being pregnant again. Much as I've said I so want another baby, with the grim possibility very real, I'm not feeling so confident. Too long away from little babies, I think, and worried I just won't have enough energy or time for Ryan and Caitlyn.

If nothing comes of the tutoring gig, I think I might need to consider going to Woolies or Coles and seeing about night-packing.
Day-rating: 2

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