Sunday, May 30, 2004

Week ending May 30

Went to my friend's anyway even though class was cancelled. Walked up and bought some stuff at the scrapbooking shop and ended up with about $40 worth of stuff for $1.85! Was worth the trip, I think and I love the way the albumn is now -- looks much better than my scrappy cheap one.
Day-rating: 4

Stayed at home, don't remember much about today, so it mustn't have been too bad.
Day-rating: 3

Preschool was okay today -- walked up with the big pram/trailer. Was okay. Visited a friend's as well and bought new knitting needles. Needed them for Caitlyn's jumper.
Day-rating: 3

Quiet day at home. Sold the fridge and kids weren't too bad. Got them bathed before picking up Daddy so they were ready for bed fairly early.
Day-rating: 3

Playgroup today! Must remember to make a tim-tam cheesecake for next week and playdough.
Day-rating: 4

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