Sunday, May 09, 2004

Week ending May 9

Don't remember much about Monday -- think I spent some of it with a friend.
Day-rating: 3

The grind begins. Kids are sick of travelling, already, and kick up a stink getting in and out of the car. Don't remember much else. Evening was good at the cafe with the PND group girls. Swapped birth stories and Bronwyn suggested I do Maths tutoring! :) I think its a go-er!
Day-rating: 3

Went to the park, I think, eventually. Not sure what else.
Day-rating: 3

Busy day I recall, mostly because of the driving hither and yon.
Day-rating: 3

Trying to get the photos printed today but haven't quite finished the pictures off. Class for tomorrow was cancelled, so went to the Friday night 'til you drop thing. I did the albumn and also did a little bit on a couple of pages. Felt like I got lots done although it was all little stuff.
Day-rating: 3

Everything went from bad to worse and I felt like the biggest idiot and all just because I wasn't going to the class, had planned a child-free morning and didn't get it. Then the photos wouldn't work at the kiosk at Paxton's and it just put me in a spin and I got really pissed off. Finally turned out right in the end and the girl at the shop was nice to me too.
Day-rating: 2

Nanna really liked the albumn, I think. I hope so... Got a big squeezy hug and kiss at the end of the day and when I gave it to her. Alright Mother's day, but would have liked a bit of a break from washing children at the end of the day.
Day-rating: 3

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