Monday, May 24, 2004

Week ending May 24

Ryan's first Wednesday at Pre-School. Seems to be going okay. Met up with Fiona R and Simone at the park. Was okay, but Caitlyn is so much more active than the other kids, so it was me running off all the time to play with her.
Day-rating: 3

Quiet day at home, but lots of yelling went on.
Day-rating: 3

First week for Ryan back at Playgroup. Think he did okay. We did a nature-walk to the Reddy park and picked up autumn leaves along the way. Good day -- tiring but good.

Did scrapbooking tonight and got some good layouts done. Must remember to get more photos printed up in time for scrapping nights so I can actually get stuff done.
Day-rating: 4

Stayed at home and did little.
Day-rating: 3

Out to Nanna & Papa's place today. Was nice to go out and was at Ryan's suggestion because he wanted to "see Nanna!"
Day-rating: 4

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