Sunday, September 26, 2004

Week ending Sept 26

Well this week has gone by quickly. Once I decided to start this blog, I was driven to get everything online as quickly as possible. I do think its been theraputic, and I hope it will help someone else. If it helps just one person, I'm happy.

As for my feelings, well, my daughter turned two this week. What a milestone! She's such a chatterbox and such a little girl -- I love her to bits. Not that I don't love Ryan, but he's a completely different kettle of fish -- he simply exhausts me.

I can't remember if I've been an ogre this week -- its all been too busy. Nothing stands out as a meltdown. I have noticed my feelings of wellbeing are increasing slowly (15th week this week), which is nice. Oh, this week was the first where I threw up, something I absolutely hate doing and it really distressed me. No more constant nausea, at least. I think that's about it, really... Oh, except I just love Darren to bits. Every day, more and more.

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