Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Calm before the storm?

Well, the week has been approaching hectic. I decided this week to start a post-natal and ante-natal support group in my local area. This means I'm trying to recruit helpers firstly, and researching all kinds of other things otherwise. Don't know how far I'll get given my deadline of early March, but we'll see.

Had a relatively good week, except for Friday when the kids were too hyped up on sugar from their Christmas party to want to go to bed, and there was a good percentage of crying on everyone's part about naptime. I was utterly exhausted and really needed to stop, couldn't sleep because I was crying too much. All of a sudden I heard Darren's motorbike in the garage, and I clambered out of bed and gave him the biggest hug when he walked in. I was so glad to see him! He let me sleep for a while that afternoon and took care of our littlest person, who was being most of the problem. I still can't bear it when she cries and I know she knows it. My lesson for Friday? Don't let the kids run riot at playgroup and limit the sugar intake by getting them to eat fruit or sandwiches. *sigh* But its only once a year. I'm anticipating a busy week this week and then things will get difficult in the following weeks with nowhere to go on Fridays at playgroup time. The kids will go crazy having 2-4 days home, which means inventing things for them to do, something I'm not very good at. Perhaps I'll get good at it this school holidays.

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