Thursday, November 23, 2006

Update challenge (finally)

Well, my new Essential Baby Scrapping friends have challenged all of us with blogs to actually update them!! So here goes...

I've started an altered-items stall at the Hornsby Craft Fair - my first one was on 19 November, and I'm planning on going to the one in February next year (which is when they start again). Learned lots from sitting on my bum all day!! Including that people love a great deal - so I've got to adjust my prices and my craft-making techniques. Also, being in February, I've got a lot longer to create stock!! Thank goodness! Anyway, I'm keen about this and its a challenge and I was THRILLED when people did actually buy some of my stuff. Just need to fine tune it all! :)

Not much going on with the PND stuff - pretty level mood-wise at the moment, which means the medication etc is working. Anniversary of my admission to hospital on Friday week, but I'll be spending it with my new friends, so will manage, I think.

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