Thursday, May 03, 2007

Around and about

Well, had my down day this week - lost in thoughts of how I behaved with my first baby and how awful I was to him on occasion. Today I'm able to look back and say "Look how far I've come!!!!!!!!!" Work has been hectic, but I get my first pay tomorrow!! WOOHOO! Can't wait! All the money is already allocated (sigh): in one hand and out the other... I'm thinking perhaps I'll try doing a digital layout for the FOr Keeps competition... Will keep thinking... ;)

Been about and tagged 5 other bloggers and will be interested to see their comments...


Anonymous said...

Whoo my first tag. lol
& yes, kids won't remember how you were then, but they will remember now when you've got help & are feeling better. :) (this is my theory anyway!)

~Col~ said...

LOL Ryn!! Yep, you got me, so did Michelle!! ROFL!! Funny thing is noone reads my blog 'cause I'm to useless at updating it. Hehehe!! Have added a bit now, but you already know it all!! LOL!!