Saturday, May 12, 2007

How I spent my Saturday...

Well, this is how I spent Saturday. Ryan has multi-cultural day on Monday at school, so I whipped up a black pair of track-pants on Thursday evening, and this shirt today. When I say whipped, I cut out a pajama pattern top and off-set the opening for the shirt. When I sewed it all up, I hadn't taken into account shaping around the neck and had to "wing it" with bodgey-ing up an extra little bit on the collar. Fortunately, all that is hidden behind the 8 (yes EIGHT) metres of ribbon/embroidered wool tape I used to do the front, sleeves and bottom of the shirt.

Not too unhappy with it! Here's the one I tried to "copy": Russian suit for a boy

Oh, and it appears Michelle tagged me and I'm a total slacker and didn't notice until now!
  • Jobs: bookshop weekend manager, student newspaper editor, receptionist / administrative assistant, braille transcriber, IT trainer, Mum, Uniform Shop Manager
  • Movies I watch over & over: Shirley Valentine, Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Braneagh), STAR WARS, The Matrix, X-Men
  • Places Lived: Armidale, Caringbah, Janalli, Sutherland (NSW); Hughes, Flynn, O'Connor, Watson, Kaleen (ACT); Sunshine, Toorak (VIC); Hornsby (NSW); Dahlgren VA (USA; near Fredericksburg)
  • TV Shows: CSI, NCIS, Law & Order SVU & CI, Grey's Anatomy, HEROS!
  • Places I holidayed: Cairns, Gold Coast, UK, Florida USA
  • Fav foods: Mint choc-chip ice-cream, Lindt chocolate, tim-tams, peanut butter, FRESH bread
  • Places I'd rather be: nowhere but here! Worked hard to make this so!
  • People I will tag: hmmmmmmm {insert thinking musak here}

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