Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tooth whinge & a bit of positive stuff

Well, I'm a grumpy old soul this evening. Had a wisdom tooth out yesterday morning. Spent quite a bit of the time while being drilled into tensed up and fighting - talked myself through saying "Breathe through it" and "relax and let it go". Once I did this, it was all over. I've got lingering numbness today through jaw on the left side. Hoping this will go away soon - face feels a bit... droopy.

I'm now quite happy with our life. Still room for improvement on the cleaning house front. But I'm getting past the depression and thinking of coming off the medication - maybe next year. I've fallen in love with our house and I would dearly love to buy in the area if I manage to return to full-time work. I love that I can walk the kids to school, love that I can walk up the street and buy fresh fruit & vegies, and love that I can walk to work and get paid just enough to support my scrapping habit. I feel embedded in my local community and have a deep sense of belonging and helping in the work I'm doing in the Uniform Shop and for the school.

Meantime, I've been doing a bit more work at Ryan's school and everyone has been most kind in giving me loads of positive feedback which is a lovely boost to the old self esteem.

Almost time to set some goals - more scrapping goals will be great. Now I've had a layout published and a second accepted in Scrapbooking Memories, I want to be published in For Keeps. Will keep plugging away!

Oh, and another bit of celebratory news - I'm the Photoshop "guru" at 3 Angels Scrapping forums!

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