Friday, October 01, 2010

A little bit different

Quilting/Patchwork has long been on my "to do" list as something I'd like to try. Stephanie, a lovely, lovely former manager of our school canteen, who I used to help on a more or less monthly basis gave me a gorgeous Moda fabric "Blush" charm pack just before she moved to greener pastures. Its been calling me for ages and this morning I went and found this fabulous website: which inspired me to finally drag out the sewing machine and create.
Don't pay attention to how off-square this is - this is my very first attempt at patchwork. I pieced together nine-squares and then cut them in half vertically and horizontally to make the squares. I then laid them out on the table and moved them around til I was happy with the pattern. Then I wanted to expand the whole thing a bit - after finding no joy in my fabric scraps, I delved into my Stampin' stash and pulled out the 1 1/4" pink pirouette grosgrain ribbon from Stampin' Up's Autumn mini. I cut the ribbon and singed the edges using a candle to stop them fraying. I've now had to order more fabric so I'll be able to make this a decent size. The fabrics are just delicious and some of the "recipes" on the ModaBakeshop website are sweet! I'll be making at least one more quilt once I get better at making things square!!


Crafty Cow said...

i like :>

Michelle said...

Square shmare!! Looks good! Nothing a rotary trimmer can't take care once it's all finished!
The biggest thing with quilting is to make sure that your seam allowance is exactly on 1/4", as even a sitching line width adds up over all the seams. Stick a piece of masking tape on the free arm and measure the seam from the left side of the needle :)

stephanie said...

Fantastic Carolyn. Don't worry it's not square, it's just beautiful. All you need to do is add a couple of borders and you'll be right. Maybe have to have a sewing day.