Thursday, October 07, 2010

R U OK? day

Are you okay? day is an inititive by the sons of Barry Larkin, an Australian management consultant who took his own life in 1995. What a great idea! I've been there - persistent thoughts of self-harm involving sharp objects - resulting in an inability to enter our kitchen. The very next day I was admitted to St John of God hospital in Burwood with my youngest son, Toby. Below is a fab video from Aussie footballer, Nathan Thompson. Remember to ask often, not just the once.

Visit the R U OK website for more info.

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Crafty Cow said...

congratulations ryn!

i have awarded you a 'cherry on top' blog award for inspiring me :>

What you need to do is to share three things about yourself, and then nominate 5 more beautiful blogs to pass the award on to.