Sunday, April 18, 2004

Week ending April 18


PND group did more Cognitive Behaviour therapy. Had to recount some of our "moments" and challenge the beliefs and underlying mental talk that happens when these "moments" happen. Bit ordinary today. Had trouble getting out the door this morning to go to group and ended up standing in the middle of the loungeroom floor going "I don't know what to do".
Day-rating: 2, 3


Day out at brother-in-law's and it was really nice to go out socially with Caitlyn and be relaxed. She doesn't misbehave nearly as much as Ryan... It was so nice. Was nice to see everyone smiling.

Dodie died today at midnight. Sad...
Day-rating: 3-4

Bit stressed about the whole going out and getting a roast thing. Darren insisted on walking which meant I had to get vegies at Coles too. Placated the kids with a donut and Ryan spilt milk all over himself. Explained why it was a hassle to Darren and I think he understood. Our anniversary today. Darren remembered first in the morning...
Day-rating: 2

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