Sunday, April 04, 2004

Week ending April 4

Went absolutely to pieces this morning because Darren wasn't home when he said and I didn't have a backup plan for getting the kids to pre-school and day-care. Totally threw my plan of action out in the morning. Once they were all off, everything went smoothly. I went to Castle Hill and got nappies and spent far too much money at the scrapbooking shop. I got the garden tidied and some plants potted. I even got catfood and birdfood and went to the butcher before picking up Caitlyn. Forgot to get a colour wheel from the art supplies shop, but that was about it for forgetting something on my day off.
Day-rating: 1, 4

Managed okay in the morning but was a bit stir crazy by the time Darren was due to come home -- don't know why. Snapping at the kids and being a bit of a dragon. Trying to do too much? Darren not home? Maybe it was because I felt like Darren's job was more important than us which is so completely silly because he had to work overnight and do that stuff and be gone because he had to get work done. My rational brain needs to speak sternly to my other brain.

So needed the scrapbooking tonight. Focus on how beautiful my kids are and thinking of nice things to say about them. Focus on the days I'm scrapbooking for. Need some kind of template thingy to journal on the pages. Need to compose what I'm going to write. Need a notebook to keep with my scrapbooking stuff to write things down. Brain going at a million miles an hour and can't stop, so caught up on my journal. Hope tomorrow isn't too frantic.
Day-rating: 2, 4

Day was okay. Started "CBT" (cognitive behaviour therapy) at PND group.
Day-rating: 3

Don't remember, mustn't have been to bad. Everything eclipsed by Friday.
Day-rating: 3

Darren broke his ankle on his way to work. Had to figure out what to do about getting him home etc. It was all very stressful. Nanna/Margaret came and took care of the kids for me while I went and got him and then stayed for a while to keep him company. I went to my scrapbooking/cardmaking thing. It was nice.
Day-rating: 2

Thank God for my friend suggesting she'd come and help in the early afternoon. Kept going to pieces. She and the boys ended up staying for dinner and a bath because I kept getting so stressed. Meredith came too and Kelli did her presentation for the clothing. It was okay and the kids ran around like terrors all afternoon. I would have been okay if it hadn't been for Caitlyn getting into the toilet and pulling out the flush-wash thing. Now the loo is clean, I suppose.
Day-rating: 2

Still feeling stressed. Feel like I'm having to do everything and resenting the fact that my weekend support has been taken away because of Darren's ankle. I know its not his fault and I'm coping as best I can. I need to find out if I can get home help on our health insurance because I keep going to pieces.
Day-rating: 2-3

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