Sunday, April 25, 2004

Week ending April 25

Bit stressed out by this afternoon just because I was so damned tired. Didn't get all the things done that I'd intended, but then again, didn't really expect to. I spent all day cooking and cleaning. However, at the end of the day, I've done a whole lot to make life a bit easier.

Was beginning to stress about the mess in the kitchen after cleaning up everything and then making cheesecake. Decided to allay that problem by running the dishwasher once again on a fast cycle with just the dishes I'd used. Was a huge weight off my shoulders and dinner wasn't as much of a drama as it could have been. Nevertheless I had a little weep in the middle of the kitchen floor because I thought I was simply too tired out to make dinner as well.
Day-rating: 3

Nothing much happened today. Went to the park in the morning and wore the kids out; which worked well for naptime. Ryan had fun with Jack and Max and Marcus. Caitlyn had a bad time tonight after I got home from scrapbooking. Tooth, I think.
Day-rating: 3

Bit lost today. Its the last day of PND group. Last day for the kids at TurraTots too. Have to sort something out so they can go again some times. They have such a good time there. Have agreed to meet on the first Tuesday evening in May at 8. Should be good to see how everyone's going.
Day-rating: 3

Think we stayed at home today. Can't really remember.
Day-rating: 3

Ryan went to pre-school and Caitlyn and I went to the park. It was a good day mostly. She slept well through the day too. Ryan was a bit impossible when he got home. I don't think he's been sleeping very well at pre-school still.
Day-rating: 3

Caitlyn's first molar has come through! Finally! Noticed it this morning. Well, between cramps and being stuck inside with the kids all day, I've been an absolute Harpy. I think Darren wants a divorce. He'd be more than justified asking for one the way I've been today. I think its mostly the cramps. Darren got me naprogesic and I feel a lot better, but that might also be because the kids are in bed!!! (or maybe the two glasses of beer!) My cramps keep getting worse each period. I guess I should see the doctor.
Day-rating: 2

Okay day; had to get organised to go out West to visit Nanna and Papa. Kids were reasonable. Went to the market with Nanna and got some scrapbooking stuff. Evening was bedlam, but that was to be expected.
Day-rating: 3

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