Sunday, March 28, 2004

Week ending March 28

Frantic day, but reasonable in terms of mood. Spent the whole day trying to catch up with myself. Ryan to pre-school at 9:15, Caitlyn to FDC at 9:30. Then I drove into work at Kensington and met up with the new me and chatted for a while. Went up to see a few people at work and promised to come back with pictures of the kids. Don't want to go back to work now. Upheaval should be all done by the time I'm due to go back, but I'm not at all sure I like the business focus. Met friends for lunch and they gently told me they didn't want me doing any more with the website but would pay me. So I showed them the bill. Adjusted it at home and emailed it all off. Frantic day, but lots done and felt good.
Day-rating: 4

Weary and my head hurts. Kids started to drive me batty with the being inside thing. Caitlyn a misery guts -- teeth probably. Found out she doesn't need an 18 month vaccination. Love her so much. She's exactly 18 months old today and is such a girlie-girl. Ended up letting her cry off to sleep today because I was exhausted.

Did scrapbooking class tonight and it was quite good. Like the lady that ran it and might aim to go to a few more of her classes.
Day-rating: 3

Felt a bit hurried and harrassed today probably because I'd busted a gut to get my scrapbook page done, ready for the group. Group was okay. Had to do this thing of "where I am now" and "where I want to be" and "what's stopping me". Kept thinking about it and am not sure if there's much difference between where I am now and where I want to be.

Kids were a bit ratty at the park, but it was a nice day out.
Day-rating: 3

Don't remember what happened today.
Day-rating: 3

Got Ryan off to Pre-School okay. Caitlyn was a bit ratty because she needed sleep. Walked up to Playgroup with a friend. Felt good after the walk and was easier with someone to talk to other than the kids.
Day-rating: 3

Went and bought pots today. Was good to get them finally. Got my motorbike helmet too. Can't wait to go on the bike.
Day-rating: 3

Went and spent money at Bunnings on plants, potting mix and various and sundry other bits and pieces.
Day-rating: 3

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