Sunday, March 07, 2004

Week ending March 7

Better day. Probably cos the kids were in care all day. Ryan's last day at FDC. Pre-School next week. He's so ready, I think! :) Its a good job he's not going to be home for another year! I don't know how I could handle it! Colleen mentioned some really good counting books for 3-4 year olds which I could get from the post-office. Have to go look for them. Basic maths -- adding and subtracting etc. I think Ryan will thrive on that kind of thing. Grandma-Lynne is going to send up his birthday presents -- an abacus and something alphabet-ish. Great stuff! I love how Mum actually puts thought into her gifts to Ryan. Suppose it helps she did some early-childhood education stuff herself.

Tiring day but a good day. Got the kids sorted reasonably easily in the evening by myself. Worked out okay. Probably feel differently by the end of the week.
Day-rating: 4

Tiring day, but felt very lost at the end after the kids were in bed. Need to knit again or something. Needed something to do...

Should have been easier today, but put too much pressure on by making cake this morning as well as the mars-bar slice. Lost it a bit by the afternoon. Kids in bed by 2:40 and will go lie down now and read. Won't have much more time to do anything else because they'll need dinner. Thinking about toast or fish fingers for dinner tonight -- easy meal. PND group was difficult. Finally broached the subject of child abuse with the nurse and psychologist. Will call them about it.
Day-rating: 2.5

Stayed up way too late icing Ryan's train cake. Looked awesome.
Day-rating: 3

Ryan & George's birthday.

Wanted to get through the day without yelling at Ryan and almost succeeded. Not quite... Anyway, he had a great day at playgroup and I think he enjoyed the cake.
Day-rating: 3

Aunty and Papa came over in the morning. Managed to get the kids off to bed at a reasonable time in the afternoon and managed to have a lie down myself.
Day-rating: 3

Not so good today. A bit over the whole working all week thing that Darren's been through and getting nasty with the kids. Tired out and starting to get sick, I think.
Day-rating: 2

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