Monday, January 03, 2005

Teeth, travel & tsunami

Time is a precious comodity at the moment. I can't remember feeling so rushed and yet having such moments of complete boredom which seemed to stretch forever. Did my Christmas cards, which I felt was an achievement.

Managed just about everything except Christmas Day. Caitlyn decided to spend half the night crying on Christmas Eve and it wasn't until about 4 am that we figured out we should give her paracetamol and see if that helped. We've decided she must be getting her 2 year old molars -- its only taken us 3 weeks of nap-time and night-time dramas to figure this out. Paracetamol sooths the savage beast. So Christmas Day all of us were tired, grumpy and generally out of sorts. Kids enjoyed far too many presents, and by about 8:30 pm, all of us were in bed and asleep, I think.

Visited Canberra and my Mum and Grumpy-George. We left them a day early so they could recover; Mum said she'd need a week. All in all the kids were actually pretty good and we finally got them both sleeping in the same room which was just bliss for Darren and I. Was relaxed about the whole thing mainly, but Toby decided to make his presence felt in a huge way and my belly ached for an entire day with lots of lower abdomen pains. Mum suggested he was turning head-down. I can only hope.

Feeling a bit numb -- helpless, tragic, terrible, unbelievable -- about the tsunami situation. Its amazing -- the world entire stopped when 9-11 happened and just 6000 people died. Something like 200,000 in Asia and life goes on with pitiful amounts of money being donated by governments prepared to spend billions on war. A friend has said there's a crate of stuff going over within the next few weeks -- clothing, sheets, towels, toys. A good excuse to cull my stuff severely and get rid of a whole heap of things I haven't used in 4 years. So I now have a deadline. At least this way its going to go to good use for someone and in a very small way I can help.

Thought I'd be really bad this Christmas, but I've been pretty level -- Mum and I missed Dodie. Hope tomorrow isn't too bad -- 16 years since Dad passed away.

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