Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Off the page (OTP)

My new favourite scrapbook pass time is "off the page" or "beyond the page". I love scrapbook paper and I enjoy making things that aren't necessarily scrapbook pages. This is my latest which is a little bit of self care too:
Tucked in the plastic sleeves are two of Louise Hay's "I can do it" cards. They are positive affirmations and these two are ones I'm having LOTS of trouble with. Now every time I pass this spot in my dining-room (right near a high traffic area) I can easily read the affirmations, and enjoy the pretty little board pieces I've made to pop them in.


Meljessie said...

I think are one of EB's Off the Page Queens! Love it. I have also read a fair bit of your blog and you have so much guts and determination to get where you are now. You should be proud of yourself and see how far you have come. I don't get a lot of chances as such to comment on EB but hope you know I do look and love your work Cheers Melanie

Carolyn Gibbs said...

*BLUSH* thank you! Very humbling!