Sunday, January 21, 2007

*stomp stomp stomp*
Okay, I've driven down to Bowral and back once again to swap older children and now I'm missing #1 as well!!! He got all teary when we left and I'm worried. I didn't get to cleaning #2's room and she's missing a doll that she and Grandma specifically bought clothes for (special because it has brown hair and brown eyes like #2).

And its 41 degrees here and we only have air con in the bedroom and I hate that I opened my big mouth and the owner got rid of the pool and I feel so guilty about #1 and #2's doll and I'm hot and I just hate being SWEATY!

And DH has invited some 'net buddies over for a BBQ tonight who I've never met and the house looks like a toy/clothes bomb went off.

Bleargh! Poo-bugger-poop-bum! Okay. Feel better now! :)

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