Friday, February 16, 2007

What a night

What a night we had last night. Caitlyn threw up at about 4:30, including the paracetamol that I'd given her to get her fever of 39.5 down. At about 4:45pm Caitlyn had a febrile convulsion with a full body seizure. I put her on her side, sat beside her and phoned 000 (sounds very calm, doesn't it?? I was absolutely panicking and crying and...) She started to go blue after making some gagging sounds - I threw her over my knee so her head was lower than her body and that seemed to clear everything out of the way. Darren got home from work and the ambulance arrived. She was so hot! You could have cooked an egg on her skin!

I grabbed my purse - the ambo suggested I'd need my medicare card, and that was it - bare feet, dressed in a singlet and shorts, I'm off to the hospital. 5 hours later we were allowed to go home. The magic of paracetamol worked within about half an hour and she was sleeping peacefully for a while. We had to wait on a chest x-ray because they wanted to be sure she didn't have pneumonia and that her lungs were clear of anything she might have breathed in while seizing. Then we had to wait for a wee... Oh, god, convincing a 4 year old to wee on command!!! The option was she go on her own, or she have a catheter. I convinced her this is much less painful doing the wee on her own. Finally she did a wee on a bedpan. But its not a "clean" sample, so I have to collect some more this morning and take it back...

Oh, and my brother & his wife had a little boy yesterday. No name yet. 6 pounds - I don't remember the rest - it was a bit of a blur and quite the last thing on my mind when I arrived home last night at 10 o'clock. ETA: Terrence Fletcher is his name. Overcooked and at home as of Tuesday 20 Feb


debbiedo said...

Oh Ryn you poor thing, that must have been horrific. Glad she is ok now and you are back home. Give her a big hug from me. Good luck with the tests.


Jo said...

Oh Ryn!!! Sending lots of hugs your way.

jodyg said...

OMG Ryn, what a shocker of a night. You poor thing. I hope Caitlyn feels much better today and that you get a good nights sleep.