Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AWESOME effort!!

The wonderful Scrappers at Essential Baby came through for me and this is the stash of Father's Day coaster-fridge-magnets we'll be sending off to Miracle Babies for their gift baskets. 49 are expected to go to MB in total (46 are pictured below). I even had enough to keep one for Grandpa for my kids!Thank you everyone who contributed! Cordelia, Dizzy, Col, Jesse, Kimley, Debbie, & Kirsti all contributed. Thank you for donating your time and materials to bring some happiness to the parents of premmie babies!

I'm always looking for parent related causes to donate scrapped items to - message me, email or here, if you know of a cause to which we can contribute. Acting as coordinator for these things is soooo fulfilling!

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