Friday, August 31, 2007

EB Scrappers Friday Challenge + Caitlyn's hair

Well, here's my take on the challenge - was pretty easy because I had this layout almost done anyway! LOL! Here are the specs:
  • Must contain the colour orange : tag on brown petals, all petals under green have been inked orange & orange paper clip!!
  • Title has to be a song : Song is Queen "You're my best friend"
  • At least 2 photos : yup!
  • Have hidden journaling : lyrics of song behind the smaller photo - forgot to take a pic of the flap open!

Didn't take photos, but Caitlyn and Toby got up to mischief today with my cordless hair clippers... I'm kicking myself for leaving them in reach of Toddler Toby REALLY dumb! So Toby has helped 'thin' Caitlyn's hair on one side. I'll take piccies tomorrow morning and then try and "fix" it... Needless to say both myself and hubby aren't impressed.

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