Friday, February 13, 2004

Week ending Feb 13

Kids went to family day care as usual. Caitlyn very clingy and I had difficulty letting her go and hated seeing her cry. But I guess the way they greeted me at the end of the day was excellent! Caitlyn had the biggest grin and wouldn't let me go. Ryan was pretty insistent too.

Went to a friend's in the afternoon and watched a girlie movie. Was good... Hope she wasn't too put out by my turning up, but I brought food...
Day-rating: 3

Stayed at home -- was really hot. We didn't do much. Sense of not wanting to get out from under the blankets... No explosions that I remember, but an overall sense of just wanting to hide. Battled with Ryan about using the toilet again. Its a constant war.
Day-rating: 2

Wanted to hide away again today. Stayed at home and skipped Mother's group. Another Mum rang and we chatted for a bit which was good.
Day-rating: 2

An old school friend rang me today! She's off to Sydney then Paris tonight and to Cambridge for 3 years. WOW! Its really incredible and so amazing! She's so lucky. Overall feeling of wanting to hide still. Couldn't hear my friend well on the phone so now wondering if my hearing has a lot to do with this hiding feeling. Looking forward to Playgroup tomorrow.
Day-rating: 2

Playgroup was great! Leader's hubby got a job so she was so happy. I made a big effort to talk to most people and tried to be up. And I think I was. Came crashing down this afternoon -- cardmaking was cancelled. Now I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself. And Darren was planning on watching wrestling, so I don't want to mess up his night. Forgot to ask Carolyn about babysitters. Perhaps I'll go do the shopping.
AM-rating: 5
PM-rating: 2

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