Friday, December 26, 2008

Kylie's Challenge

So, at our Inklings Christmas gathering, I was having a bit of a whinge about how the phrase "Always time for you" didn't really seem to fit with the bicycle (which I love, by the way). I said, at least if it were a tandem bike, it would make a little more sense! So fellow Inkling Kylie challenged me to create a tandem bike (with a frog on it, but I haven't got that far yet!!). Here's the result:
Took loads of trials with various techniques, including masking which just didn't work well. Ended up just inking the parts of the image I wanted with a Stampin' Write brush, used my Stamp-a-majig to line everything up, then used the fine tip to connect the bits that needed connecting. I'm pretty pleased with the result!

Next step will be one with frogs. ;) Hopefully before new year!


Tessa said...

What a great idea for that stamp! I LOVE it!!

Michelle said...

Very very clever Ryn!! Can't wait to see the frog riding along now LOL!