Thursday, March 05, 2009

A better day

I'm not counting chickens yet: today's been a better day. Perhaps because its Ryan's 8th birthday today. And I found a few jobs in the paper to apply for. I've been finding it hard since my kids' new school principal decided to stop using me as a casual in the office. Kicking myself for not trying harder to get the permanent two day a week spot that I interviewed for last year. Lost the plot just before the interview and didn't get it. Going from working almost full time last year to absolutely nothing this year has been hard - more so than going on maternity leave because at least then I had a bundle to look forward to. So, socks are being pulled a little further up and the black dog has shrunk back down to a more manageable size. Thanks for the concern from Jesse and Jody... Was lovely to receive your comments, ladies!

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Lin Mei said...

Many happy returns, Ryn! Are you going to Jayne's for training tomorrow as INKlings always make for good company?

I hope that you have a wonderful day with lots of love and happiness in the year ahead.