Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Black dog

There's been this little black dog at my heels lately. Its gotten just a wee bit bigger over the last few weeks. Despite knowing this is just a "blip" in my life and it will get better, I'm struggling. I keep starting emails to send to people to appeal for help and then closing the messages down, not knowing what to say. It used to help to write it on my blog, so I'm back here just before collecting the children at school and typing furiously in my last few minutes with a couple of tears rolling down my cheeks.

This blog used to be called "Optimist with PND". My youngest son just turned four, so I'm guessing that I'm a wee bit past PND. Anyway, I'm struggling at the moment. I'm finding it hard to be motivated to do anything much - clean the house, wash my hair... The bigger things seem insurmountable - clearing up my scrap stuff so I can actually scrap or make cards. I feel helpless much of the time and "what's the point?"

Okay, its out there now. I do know this is a blip and things are going to get better. I'm searching for the motivation to start...


Jesse said...

Hey Ryn,

Couldn't not say Hi & give you a great big cyber hug! I have also been feeling very unmotivated & flat of late. Hope you are feeling better & more positive soon.


jodyg said...

Hey Ryn, Sending you big hugs too. Sorry to hear that you're feeling down and I hope you're feeling better soon. As a triumpant survivor of PND I'm sure you'll know if you need to seek help. Big {{HUGS}}, thinking of you.